Meet the Team

Jeffrey Dodd, MD

Family Medicine

“I am excited about joining Privia Medical Group because they are on the cutting edge of providing the highest quality medical care for patients. I am looking forward to being part of a larger multi-specialty group in different areas of the country to maximize resources and management to improve patient care. We will be able to keep up with the ever changing medical environment with confidence and assurance.”

Kelly McDonald, MD

Pediatrics, Internal Medicine

“The cornerstone of health and disease prevention is a foundation of trust between the physician and the patient. To that end, taking the time to hear and understand a person’s concerns, fears and personal situation is vital to promoting wellness and patient engagement, which subsequently promotes the effective use of medical resources. I appreciate how Privia allows us to adjust our schedules to allow for time with our patients. As a pediatrician and internist caring for multi-generational families, I also appreciate how knowledge of a patient’s family members’ health history can guide management and lead to better outcomes.”

William Kevin Watterson, MD

Pediatrics, Internal Medicine

“The practice of medicine is fundamentally accomplished through relationship. The effective physician succeeds through establishing trust and confidence one individual patient at a time.”